We are currently living in times that some people tend to call “historical ones” – there is a lot happening at the moment in the world and it is happening fast. It’s all because of global coronavirus outbreak. It affects us all and it affects pretty much everything – yes, your online business included! In order to protect it from a significant loss, there are few questions that need to be answered. 

How should I run my online business?

That’s a big question, especially during this kind of crisis.  Stay in the loop of everything that is happening concerning the outbreak – within your industry and outside of it. That will help you plan your next steps and predict next events that may influence your online business.

How should I keep track of my online business?

You need to get reports even faster than before. Your understanding of what’s precisely happening in your business will help you asses how the COVID-19 is affecting it. That knowledge will help you take swift actions in order to better your business’ situation.

How should I communicate with my clients? 

First of all – you need to communicate with them frequently. They don’t need to know everything that is happening in your organization, but they do need to know how are you dealing with COVID-19 epidemy and if you’re still going to operate in the nearest future. Keeping them updated and staying positive in your communication is an important thing to do – but do not overdo it! You don’t want to make any communications based on coronavirus, as it is a highly delicate matter and some people might think you’re trying to exploit it for your own good. Be empathetic, don’t be opportunistic.

How should I communicate with my employees?

It’s a stressful time, not only for you but also for your employees. As a leader, you must reduce their anxieties and provide hope for the future. Most of them work from home these days. You gave them the job, so you should trust them – don’t ask them to update you on every action they take. Keep them positive, but also keep them updated – especially when there is any bad news to convey. 

How should I react to the constantly changing situation?

Stay flexible. Think about different ways to deliver your products or your services. Perhaps it’s a good time to start targeting a new audience group? Or perhaps there is something you can do that will attract more people to your online business?

What should I focus on?

Luckily you run an online business and during the epidemy, ‘online’ is the keyword. In order to get to more clients, it is crucial now to focus on your marketing and customer service teams. They deliver your message to the clients and they receive clients’ messages. Companies are fighting for attention and engagement, so proper copywriting might also attract new audiences.

What should I do with the downtime?

Use it productively. It’s easy to say, sure, but maybe it’s time to think about a new approach to an old problem. Think about developing new procedures and taking actions you have no time for in the past. Maybe (just maybe!) it’s a good time for some risk-taking.

How can I help others?

It’s a question that is often forgotten by heads of businesses. Having means they also have some responsibilities and by providing others with their solutions, by seeking ways to improve the global situation – you are creating good PR for your company. Simply by doing some good and living your purpose, you might get an instant-karma effect.

What else can I do to minimize loss?

It’s always good to strictly monitor your competitors – they might be doing something good that will inspire you to implement some changes for your online business. You might also add some automatization processes, in case you need to reform the structure of your company. What you can do depends strictly on the type of your business.

What’s next?

Unfortunately – there is no good and universal answer to this question. At least we cannot guarantee one. You know your business better than anyone else. The answer to this question must be based on your experience and your knowledge about the industry and about your business. It is extremely difficult to stay calm these days. But we’ve also learned a lot. We must live through it, making sure our business survives and we should be prepared for the future.

And remember that you can always use our help! We are eager to guide you through this crisis into the amazing digital universe, where there are no boundaries. Drop us a line, and let’s talk about the opportunities that await you!