The internet has changed the way in which we shop, connect, discover products and conduct business. As a result, the implementation, operation and appearance of your company’s website are more important than ever before. The choice of an agency responsible for designing websites for B2B companies should be carefully thought out. After all, the purpose is to design the most important point of contact between the client and your brand. What should you look out for when choosing an agency that will design your website for B2B companies?

There are a few crucial elements that should be taken into consideration. If you find an agency that operates according to the rules listed in this article – that’s great news; you’re working with professionals!  

The goal is always the most important

The first question that you should hear from the agency you plan on working with is: What are your expectations from the website? A website is a tool that should reflect the brand’s mission, generate sales, and fulfill business goals, which is why defining them at the very beginning of the design process is key. Only thanks to clarifying the goal will the designers know what to put on the website so that it can be a tool to attract potential clients and partners, as well as successfully support the company’s development. 

Pay attention to UX, aka User Experience 

Brand perception is influenced not only by the appearance of the website but also by its usability. If you want your B2B company to be seen as modern and prestigious, then the website should reflect that. After familiarizing itself with your business goals and needs, the agency you choose to execute your website should conduct UX workshops after which they will propose well-matched functions and solutions for your new website. Performing a UX/UI audit is also extremely important. It will allow you to state whether the website will have the right structure, content and navigation to benefit the performance of the individual tasks of users. 

The audit alone, however, might not be enough if it is not preceded by a reliable definition of a UX persona. In other words, a persona is a profile of a character who represents the target group for the website. Thanks to defining a persona(s), you will have certainty that the agency will focus their efforts on target users when designing the website, and the site will work for the success of your company for years to come. 

First, User Flow!

How can you tell if you are dealing with an experienced agency that has the appropriate knowledge about designing B2B websites? They don’t begin the partnership by presenting you with a beautiful website layout that should convince you to choose their services. They will present you with the concept of User Flow first. This is nothing more than a specific map that visualizes the entire user path of conducting specific actions on the site. Though it may appear as a waste of time at first, in actuality, a prototype of the site allows you to avoid additional costs which may appear in the event of introducing time-costly corrections to the finished, implemented website design.  

If you’re looking for an agency that will help you define your goals and, on their basis, create a website that will achieve them – we invite you to get in touch. We know how important digital experiences are; we’ve been designing websites that drive the development of B2B companies and influence the building of long-term relationships between clients for years.