B2B sales, due to their specificity, look completely different than in the case of B2C companies. The sales process can often last many weeks and requires the engagement of individuals from both sides. In many cases, it is not possible to directly order the services from the www page. Is it possible, then, to create a B2B company website that will realistically increase sales? Definitely! 

Online marketing is a powerful tool which, depending on the business profile and the specifics of the target group, can provide many ways to generate traffic and increase web conversion. In this article, we will present 5 universal ways to develop online B2B sales that, regardless of the industry, you can implement into your company even today. 

Clear, readable communication

What does your company do? It’s amazing how many home pages fail to give a specific and quick answer to this question. There is nothing more frustrating to a user than a tedious search for information about the company’s activity. When designing websites, we focus too much on making them graphically refined and inspiring or intriguing. However, we forget to answer the most important question. 

When a user, and therefore a potential customer, goes on the website, you only have about 5 seconds to convince them to stay. Only 5 seconds! If they do not receive an answer about what your company does and if you cannot help with their problem during this time, they will most likely switch to the competitor’s side. 

Personal value

In B2B marketing, we most often focus on the professional value that a given product or service has to offer. The personal value must not, however, be forgotten, as it is equally important in the B2B purchasing path. Personal value is nothing more than the professional, social or emotional benefits that the buyer experiences, other than the sale of the product or service[1]. Every company that we try to sell something to is made up of people who ask the question, “What will I get from this?” or “How will my company benefit from this sale?”. 

As many as 71% of B2B clients make a purchase when they see personal value for themselves[2].

What’s more, positive emotions increase loyalty and brand attachment, thanks to which clients can become ambassadors in the future. 

Give something more than just a product

B2B clients expect something more than just a list of products or a catalogue of services when visiting your website. They want the possibility to expand their knowledge and understand topics that are directly and indirectly related with their industry. In other words, they are looking for information. Your role is to provide such information! B2B companies most often accomplish this with the help of e-books, films, or blog articles. Sharing knowledge and experience is also a great way to gain the trust of customers (so important in B2B relations!), and display your best side. 

Many B2B companies also utilize lead magnets which allow for obtaining data about companies potentially interested in cooperation. We wrote extensively about lead magnets in this article about content strategy. If you are able to create a digital product (eg. online training), then it is worth considering implementing and promoting pages dedicated to this (so-called landing pages) which will encourage a purchase. 

For example, if your company manufactures spare parts for cars, and its main recipients are auto parts stores, publishing an article or a video solving a specific problem will be a real value for them. By giving your customers substantive value, you not only increase your chances of a sale, but also make your company a source of reliable information.  

Instant communication

Live chat shortens the path of contact between the client and a sales representative, thanks to which it positively affects the brand image and supports the company’s sales. Furthermore, it’s a great way to engage with site visitors. 

In practice, implementing a chat on the website can increase conversion on the website by up to 45%[3]!

The chat will be useful especially in instances such as selling custom-made products or when a company individually evaluates each product and service every time. Furthermore, online chats allow for users to quickly submit an inquiry, which will be appreciated by B2B customers. 

Find your differentiator

The battle to gain the customer’s attention takes place not only at the offer, product, service or price level. There are many other aspects which may influence whether your www page will be unique in the eye of the user. An example can be a large selection of payment options available on your page. 

Even though it can be noted that content marketing is the most effective form that allows for building an online image, still too few companies take advantage of this tool’s potential. The brand image influences whether the company will generate interest and trust in the client, and therefore, whether they will want to invest their money in it. Even luxury brands invest in building an online presence and bringing together communities of loyal customers.  

The methods described above to increase sales are completely free solutions, which you can implement even today, to convert your website visitors into customers. The only thing you need is time and commitment. We know, however, how many responsibilities lay on the shoulders of business owners. That is why we can help you. If you would like to find out what you can do for your website to actually increase sales – we are at your disposal!


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