The annual edition of the Super Bowl is a real treat for the advertising industry. This is the day of the year when you can admire the most creative and the most astonishing ads of the largest brands, the fruits of labors of the best creative teams of the largest agencies. Quite a big deal, yes?

Ads launched during the Super Bowl are always surprising, they are often controversial, sometimes they can evoke no less emotion than a good drama, and even lead to tears. No wonder that the employees of advertising agencies are always excited about them almost like the Super Bowl itself.

During the Super Bowl 2019, we could see 53 commercials. As a Funktional team we have chosen a few of them for you, which in our opinion deserve the most attention. So here we go! The top 8 Super Bowl commercials in 2019.


Amazon Alexa: “Not Everything Makes The Cut”

Well… Not everything makes the cut. Even though the Amazon assistant can make our life easier, it doesn’t fit for everything around us. So we got a few examples. A funny television spot, quite autoironic – “Brave New World” in a modern edition.


Audi: Cashew

How it is to almost die? Do you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Or maybe… you can meet your grandpa and see the unleashing of a new era of electric. That’s what Audi got for you.


Doritos: #NowItsHot

“The Original. Now it’s hot”. Classic meets the new. In this particular case: Backstreet Boys meet Chance the Rapper in his daydreaming after eating Doritos. The ad has a music video convention. As we know, the romance of music with advertising almost always works. Now it’s hot indeed.


Bud Light and… Game of Thrones

Bud Light is one of the most popular beers in USA. And “Game of Thrones” is one of the most popular TV shows ever. What could get wrong? Besides the arrival of the dragon, of course.


Microsoft: “We All Win”

Children with disabilities could not always fully enjoy playing games. With help comes Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller. Each of us can win, no one is excluded.


The Washington Post: “Democracy Dies in Darkness”

Sometimes we need to think about something really serious. To appreciate the hard work of reporters and journalists who risk their lives so that we can know. Knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free.


Pampers: “Stinky Booty”

Maybe to fully “love the change” it’s good to sing about it with your friends? John Legend sung about it in Super Bowl Pampers commercial. And it’s quite a nice hit song.


Avengers: Endgame trailer

Avengers are… Avengers and this is so cool by all means.