UX / UI audit, solution recommendations and development of a new website for a leading manufacturer of 3D printing solutions



Scope of work:

UX audit
UX Workshops
Consultation on the design process
Website development
Support SLA
Website further development in the Growth-Driven Design model


3DGence is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial, high-performance 3D printers and a supplier of professional 3D printing solutions, including professional accessories and materials. 3DGence is a partner appreciated by customers, supporting the implementation of 3D printing technology in enterprises. With its branches in Europe and the USA, 3DGence provides global coverage for its products and services.

3dgence has been on the market since 2014. From the very beginning, it has been operating at the meeting point of new technologies, paving new paths and seeking pioneering solutions in the field of 3D printing. Thanks to the brand’s knowledge and experience, 3DGence provides ground-breaking tools and supports the implementation of 3D printing technologies in manufacturing companies from various industries, including automotive, space, aviation, high-tech and household appliances. The values ​​behind the brand are reliability, continuous development and cooperation. Being an expert in their field, 3dgence advises and trains in the most efficient use of the technology of the future, which is 3D printing.

To give technology a modern face

3dgence is a brand that follows trends and is the epitome of modernity – not only in its industry. That is why it was necessary to design a completely new website that would fully use the solutions available on the market to present values, competitive advantage and fully respond to the needs of the target group.

To tell what the future holds

Relying on the extensive experience of the Funktional team, our client approached us with the complex task of supporting the entire process. We faced quite a challenge. The products and services are highly technologically developed. Their competitive advantage and action is a story that needed to be told in a thrilling way while explaining its intricate meanders.

Understand who we are for

The decision-making process in our client’s industry is complex. The choice and purchase of a 3D printer does not happen ad hoc but is supported by market research and parameter analysis – sometimes in great detail. We had to bear this in mind to optimize the path and make it easier for visitors to make a purchasing decision, taking into account their diverse motivations. This required a really thoughtful information architecture to adequately meet the varying needs of customers in order to convert them.

To have a plan

Based on the Agile methodology, we had to divide the whole process into individual stages and schedule specific increments in the schedule to have full control over the project.

Explore all paths

We started our work from the exploration process. The first stage was a UX audit of the new website design, for which the starting point was the earlier version of the website. It was necessary to eliminate the current shortcomings. We had to check and evaluate the most important touchpoints between the user and the website. Thanks to this, we prepared a set of recommendations and guidelines that were to be implemented. They were then presented and discussed at UX workshops. We wanted to confront our ideas with the client’s vision to be guaranteed full understanding.

To advise the best solutions

The team on the client’s side was responsible for the graphic design. Supervision over the implementation of solutions was provided by our UX consultant, who ensured that the project fully responded to a wide spectrum of user needs, building an experience that would be engaging, resulted in the choice of 3dgence and ended with a conversion. Focusing on the user, we used the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) prepared during the workshops – optimizing our strategic work, we gave up on preparing personas due to the enormous diversity of our clients’ portfolio.

To take care of the processes

We solved the difficulties and doubts encountered along the way together. Before the design process was finished, we started implementing the MVP version of the website so that it could take over the first visitors as soon as possible. The individual stages of this version were prepared and carried out in the spirit of Agile, allowing for the finalization of design works. We had a set of priorities regarding e.g. code quality, the full functionality of the RWD version, and loading speed.

Pick the best-suited tools

We also selected the appropriate technologies to ensure the implementation of all design assumptions.
As part of the implementation, we used PHP, HTML5, WordPress, Elementor, Sass + CSS 3.0, js. Fast responsiveness and cooperation with the client were assured by the BugHerd tool – thanks to the kanban board, all changes were signalled on an ongoing basis. Our cooperation, however, did not end at this stage, and the website is still being developed and expanded upon so that it can better respond to the needs of users and achieve 3dgence’s sales goals.

Show the strong brand

The implementation of the MVP version of the website was completed in December. Our client highly appreciated our knowledge and commitment, which resulted in the creation of a website ensuring the implementation of 3dgence’s business goals, as well as building brand awareness as a reliable, technologically advanced and modern partner.

Continue partnership

As part of the constant support based on SLA, we are constantly developing and updating the new website in the spirit of Growth-Driven Design, focusing on the mission of the 3dgence business strategy to be fulfilled. There are still many exciting challenges ahead of us.

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