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Scope of work

Website – Concept
Interaction Design

Autotesto is a solution for people who are interested in buying a used car. By using the service, you can check the technical condition of the car and receive a detailed report thanks to over 250 experts throughout Poland. Autotesto applies rigorous procedures and is able to provide a detailed technical report in 24 hours.

The result is an easier decision regarding the purchase for a potential customer. What follows – it allows you to save time, money and what to say – nerves.


Our client came to us with a complex problem. The information on the website did not appear legibly. The system of ordering the service and the construction of the shopping path resulted in the fact that many people resigned from ordering the service along the way. The conversion was unsatisfactory.

We faced the challenge of rebuilding the information architecture on the website and designing new UX / UI solutions that will allow the user to order the service quickly and intuitively.

Designed solutions

We focused on making all the content elements of the site find the perfect place for themselves. This was crucial when preparing the structure of the new Autotesto website. The second thing is to ensure the readability of all information: a description of service packages, price list, and output reports.

UI Style Guide

In order to ensure usability of the website, we had to focus on the appropriate selection of fonts and their colors so that the information contained in individual elements of the website easily reach the potential clients. We also took care of the look and color of the buttons to improve the navigation and use of the Autotesto service.


As part of the service and its nature, the most important thing is the output report after the technical inspection of the car. We had to ensure that the structure and all elements of the report were clearly presented, and the method of generating it was simple and easy for the client.


All our activities caused that the new Autotesto website, thanks to its ease of use and simplifying the way of purchasing the service, resulted in an increase in conversions for our client.




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