Charlie's Pie Shop

Branding, website, and packaging design for a restaurant brand with savory pies from New Zealand


Charlie's Pie Shop

Scope of work:

Brand workshops
Strategic direction
Website – graphic design project & implementation
Print materials – posters, flyers
Photo session

Charlie’s Pie Shop is a completely new fast-casual restaurant chain that brings visitors on a culinary adventure to New Zealand. A traditional and one-of-a-kind recipe from New Zealand leads to the savory, stuffed pies to be unique culinary experiences. The characteristics of meals available at Charlie’s Pie Shop required a light and friendly setting associated with fast-casual cuisine in order to attract the attention of culinary connoisseurs and build a positive (and appetizing!) brand experience. 

Our client is a professional chef with 17 years of experience working in the best kitchens around the world who decided to launch a specialty from his home country. Thanks to a successful previous partnership for his burger joint Moaburger, we were commissioned to create a modern and friendly fast-casual brand.

Spread the word

Charlie’s Pie Shop is the first locale in Krakow where you can try original and one-of-a-kind meat pies prepared according to a traditional recipe brought directly from New Zealand. Because the Polish market is not familiar with this dish, we had to create a branding and strategic direction that would catch the public’s interest, make it clear what a savory pie is, and lead to a transaction for the client.

Inspired by New Zealand

Together with the client, we conducted strategic workshops to find out more about his vision for the brand. We were curious about the history behind the specialty – it’s a novelty on the Polish market. Thanks to the information we gathered, we were able to establish a target audience for the future restaurant and determine the appropriate USP. After specifying the strategic direction and crafting the creative concept, we started to work on the logotype and the entire branding. While working on the website design for the new restaurant, we were simultaneously preparing the concept and design of the packaging. Inspired by the design of the client’s native country, we decided on lightness and modernity.

To suit customer tastes

No matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian or a lover of meat, a customer can find anything to suit their tastes at Charlie’s Pie Shop. To highlight this diversity, we incorporated a search filter onto the website that allows customers to search for pies based on their dietary preferences and learn about the ingredients. The colorful stickers on the packaging also highlight the delicious flavours unique to each type of pie.

A successful launch

The fruit of our labor is a fresh and modern brand image – like the New Zealand cakes of Charlie’s Pie Shop itself. Despite launching during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant enjoyed a successful opening, introducing many locals to the delicious pies. Thanks to the branding and materials prepared by us, the restaurant has achieved great success in Krakow and continues to be met with an enthusiastic reception amongst lovers of original and exotic culinary tastes in the spirit of fast-casual.

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