Cirrus LED

UX/UI audit and workshops, UX project, landing page graphic design project and new website for a leading American manufacturer of solutions for LED displays


Cirrus LED

Scope of work:

UX/UI audit
UX workshops
Information architecture
Landing page and website UX/UI project
Landing page graphic design project
Website graphic design project
Website implementation
Banners for Google Display Network campaign
Copywriting for Google Search Ads campaign

Cirrus is an LED displays manufacturer with headquarters in Portsmouth, NH in the USA, operating throughout the United States and Canada. The company is made up of passionate people (around 50 employees – that’s already something!), who create integrated tools for displaying and optimizing outdoor marketing of the highest quality. The solutions offered by Cirrus are much more than outdoor LED screens. The competitive advantage of the solutions proposed by Cirrus is really considerable. Thanks to the ultra-high resolution, they allow the customer to present the values of the advertised products and services in detail. The structure itself is an incredibly light, modular screen system that is easy to assemble, along with having exceptional performance and durability thanks to the semiconductor technology. Combined with the dedicated programming software system ScreenHub, which allows for content creation and its monitoring, Cirrus displays are second to none.  

Adapt to a changing market

Our client turned to us with a question of solutions connected to supporting the lead generation process. This was related to the transformation of the Cirrus business model. Up until that point, they were selling primarily to other B2B companies who would individually install Cirrus products. End customers did not have direct contact with the company. Because the market is changing, the mean price of a screen is around $15,000, they decided to rework their business model to hardware as a service. This required significant changes to the entire marketing strategy. After the initial exploration audit however, we identified the problem as related to their website which was unable to present their products and competitive advantage in an engaging way, nor interest the target audience and properly answer to their needs.

Recommend solutions

In this situation, our diagnosis and recommendations could only be the following: a lead generation campaign could not have worked without designing and implementing a new website which would correspond to the latest trends and would be tailored to the target audience. We suggested the most optimal solution that would allow us to begin the marketing activities as fast as possible – the first step was designing and implementing a landing page which would be an exhaustive business card of the company and their offering, as well as simultaneously building a new, advanced website from scratch which would introduce the user to the world and history of the brand. Due to the specificity of Cirrus products, this was not an easy task, for instance in the context of presenting the parameters and quality of the display screens on the website. Luckily, we enjoy challenges, so we set to work enthusiastically.

Arrange all the elements

Cirrus is a brand which has a lot to say about itself, so we knew that the appropriate narrative was required to present its history. We began with an expanded version of an audit of the client’s old website, focusing on strategic elements such as personas and target audiences. Thanks to this, we were able to clearly organize everything, and prepare the information architecture and mock-ups for all viewing options. When designing the customer experience, we concentrated on the client’s needs and problems by means of a thorough analysis of the customer journey map. This approach allowed us to present the appropriate information exactly when the user would need it, and by the same token, increase the positive customer experience. The key feature turned out to be a calculator which allowed Cirrus’ clients to estimate their return on investment after taking a number of parameters into account. This is a feature that can be the deciding factor during the purchase process.

Be ready for a change of plans

Work on the mock-ups was carried out in constant contact with the client, iteratively and using the Agile methodology. After receiving the green light for the developed architecture and mock-ups, we began simultaneously designing the website and the landing page. As the design process progressed however, due to the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the situation on the client’s market also changed, which affected the agreed-upon structure of the website. Thanks to our agile approach, we were able to dynamically adapt to the new guidelines.

Show the product in all its glory

When working on the graphic design portion, our goal was to reflect the essence of the LED screens offered by Cirrus – an extensive and impressive color palette for the various elements of the website, the sampler of which was the brand’s logotype. We also focused on dynamic and animated colorful transitions in changes of slider views on the main page. The high quality and smooth image, combined with availability and adequate price, are the features of Cirrus products. Colors and movement – the essence of our client’s products are contained in these two elements, which we wanted to emphasize in a subtle way. When the project fully corresponded to all the guidelines and was cared for in every detail, it was ready to be implemented.

Increase sales in a new version

Thanks to the new website which presented the brand’s products and services in full splendor, Cirrus could begin planning its lead generation activities that now had a much better chance of achieving satisfactory conversion rates. To guarantee even higher chances of success, we also prepared a set of digital materials for the Google Display Network campaign and worked on copywriting for the Google Search Ads activities. Our initial diagnosis and recommendations turned out to be correct and supported the client in increasing sales during the difficult time of the global crisis.

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