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Brand communication strategy
Website – concept and implementation, UX / UI project and development
Product presentation system
Photo session
Instructional videos

Baby Design Group deals in the design of prams, car seats for children, high chairs, pens and cots. The company has been operating since 2002 and is constantly developing its offer with the highest quality products that guarantee the safety of children, functionality, and convenience of use.

Espiro brand belonging to Baby Design Group has been guided from the beginning by the mission contained in the claim: Designed to move. With the advent of toddlers, the mobility of parents should not be limited for them to have the possibility to show the world to their newborn children. In addition, the design of the pram that captivates is what counts. Quality and safety combined with design and well-thought-out and easy-to-use solutions are Espiro DNA.


Our client came to us with a complex problem regarding the Espiro brand. Cosmic chaos crept into its environment, which translated into the lack of brand awareness. The flagship product, the Next stroller, was not associated with Espiro, but perceived as a separate brand. In addition, the lack of emotional communication caused that Espiro got lost among its competitors and did not raise the desired reception among its target group – demanding middle class. The strength of the Espiro brand is primarily a modern and functional design of prams, which was not properly displayed on the website, which in itself also left much to be desired. The amount and non-transparent manner of the content presented on the site meant that users had problems navigating the website and finding the information they were interested in. The product presentation system was not intuitive and friendly for parents interested in buying a pram. This resulted in a fairly high bounce rate.

All this disorder in the Espiro universe required us to take thought-out actions based on our internal “Brand Growth” mission dedicated to large brands. We faced the challenge of developing a communication strategy that will be the foundation of the new branding. Refreshing and building a new image will make it possible to distinguish a brand on a competitive and demanding market. The fruit of our activities had to be a new website with information architecture and designed UX / UI solutions that will allow the user to easily get acquainted with the rich offer and learn as much as possible about the qualities and functionality of each pram model.


We started our work by preparing a communication strategy for the brand. We decided to take a close look at its recipients and their needs to ensure that we present the mission and offer of the Espiro brand to the target group in the best possible way. The basis of the communication strategy is to learn, find and name the most important factors for the brand, which will make the brand’s communication recognizable, distinctive and distinctive from the others. It was necessary to include everything that the brand identifies, characterizes, creates and distinguishes. We had to give the Espiro brand the right tone, which ideally appeals to the consumer at all points of contact with the brand.


A vivid, cheerful and awesome color combination with stylish and modern typography well speaks to the target group, who values aesthetics and expressive style. In such a climate, a photo session is prepared, whose lifestyle elements correlate with the approach to active life also in the face of parenthood.

Photo session

We know how important time spent together for young parents is. A walk is the perfect solution to actively enjoy life. These thoughts guided us when we were preparing an image session that was boiling with the colors and joy of the people depicted on it. The pictures were taken in the winter in the studio, using the green screen. However, we have placed their heroes in a perfectly chosen environment that suits the energetic and emotional tone of the brand’s communication.


Product session / 360°

Instructional videos


We also carried out a detailed audit of the functionality of the current site. We checked how users were moving around it and what was problematic for them. Thanks to that, we could design UX / UI solutions to navigate among the information on the website in a user-friendly way. To present products in the best, a photo session and a system for presenting the most important features and functions of each of the prams were prepared. The customers could get to know them better thanks to the instructional videos we shot.


“Designed to move” is a brand claim that obliges. A modern brand offering products for a demanding customer must speak with the language of emotions. An energetic message combined with brand values such as proximity, openness and commitment causes that Espiro, thanks to our activities and strategic branding, tells a story that perfectly fits the world of the brand’s recipients. This is clearly visible on the new website. The product presentation system together with instructional videos allowed us to present the full functionality and ease of use of the brand’s products in an attractive and accessible way. Evidence of this is the decline in the bounce rate to an impressive level below 6%.

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