Supply Annual Report 2019

Delivering a print and digital version of an annual report, animations and other marketing materials for a leading global children’s aid organization


Global Children’s Aid Organization

Scope of work:

Report composition
Data visualization
Report submission
Preparation for printing
Print production
Website version
PDF version
Tusand panels

For over 70 years, this organization has been working tirelessly to realize its mission of reaching and aiding every child in need, remaining active in over 190 countries and territories throughout the world. The work they do is truly remarkable and we were excited to work together on a project that would best showcase these important activities.

Our partnership with the organization is based on a three year Long Term Services Arrangement. Social awareness lies deep in our Funktional DNA. We have always supported organizations developing products and services that move society forward and serve to do good for the world, which is why we created our Blue Dot Mission to dedicate even more of our time to such collaborations. This is an approach we share with the organization, agreeing upon the belief that every child is deserving of a childhood.

We were responsible for a comprehensive preparation of the organization’s Supply Annual Report 2019 in both print and digital formats, as well as additional marketing materials based on the report.

Dealing with a multitude of elements

The Supply Annual Report is one of the most important annual publications for our client, summarizing the operations of the entire organization over the previous year. Because it contains so much information, we knew we wanted to present this vast amount of data in a simple, clear but visually engaging way so that it would be expressive and easy to consume. Furthermore, we had to prepare the report in both print and digital formats, as well as create animations, Tusand panels, and a brochure established off of the information contained in the report. Brand and visual consistency had to be maintained across all marketing materials we were asked to create, whilst still being able to adapt the data to suit the proper content format.

A global pandemic

As we began working on this complex project, the sudden lockdown and global COVID-19 pandemic forced us to shift gears and change our plans in a way we’ve never experienced before. We had to switch to remote work and rapidly develop a new organizational structure in order to stay on schedule. Thankfully, we were able to adapt quickly. Systematic communication across our internal teams and with our client was key to working through this issue.

Working collaboratively

Before carving out our own concepts for the new report, our team worked closely with the organization representatives to learn about the previous report development processes. After these discussions, we were able to map out the various elements that could be leveraged to enhance the user experience both on the digital and printed versions of the new report, along with adding our own ideas and recommendations.

We had to onboard our partner to our online review system in order to ensure the approval process as there were many stakeholders who needed to validate subsequent parts of the report. Because the organization is incredibly large and operates across many parts, we decided to use Ziflow – an advanced online proofing tool which allows for reviewing and collaborating on complex creative projects. Furthermore, the organization representatives had access to the project on the company platform we utilize, Teamwork, where they were able to provide additional suggestions.

Agile methodology

The entirety of the content within the report was provided to us by the organization; however, we still needed to prepare its composition and visual presentation in a way which would best engage and inspire the target audience, enabling them to get acquainted with the information whilst building a simple experience. We stayed true to the colors, logos, typography and other visual elements that the organization had already established in order to maintain strong brand recognition and consistency.

The print version was designed simultaneously with the digital version, and utilizing Agile methodology, we were able to remain flexible in our endeavors even as the assumptions of the project changed throughout and deadlines remained tight.

To tell the story in different ways

As part of the project, we also designed large-format Tusand panels, animations, a PowerPoint presentation, document folders, a brochure, and other materials displaying selected data from the report. These formats allowed our partner to share the results of their activities with the target group in more ways than one, showing how much hard work the organization puts into creating a better world for every child. The visual identity of these materials perfectly matched and complimented the design of the annual report, resulting in a unified look across all touchpoints.

Working through the pandemic

Due to the strict deadlines and the shifts caused by the pandemic, we were prepared in advance for the possible necessity to scale and increase our team. As there were many moving parts of this report, we took this possibility into account from the beginning so that we would be able to complete and deliver the project before the final deadline.

Transparent findings

Transparency and honesty is of the highest importance for all organizations, but particularly for NGOs. Because of our choice to present the findings in an accessible and easily understandable way, we have increased the level of trust that people can place into the organization. Moreover, because of the clear messaging, we helped this organization maintain a strong positioning of credibility and integrity. All of this plainly demonstrates to the reader of the report that each of us can make a difference and that together we are capable of changing the world.

Continued partnership for the betterment of the world

The final report consisted of 124 captivating pages presenting the authentic stories of the organization’s accomplishments and aid delivered throughout the previous year. We are proud that as part of our Blue Dot Mission, we can implement projects such as the Supply Annual Report 2019 for this leader in global children’s aid organizations to our dealings here at Funktional. We are inspired to dedicate even more of our resources and time to promoting and raising awareness about such important global work.

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