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Le Scandale

Scope of work:

Website concept and project
UX/UI project
Website development

The Le Scandale Group has many gastronomic venues whose mission is to provide guests with exquisite culinary pleasures thanks to dishes from cuisines around the world, as well as to organize good fun, even until dawn. Scandale Group also specializes in catering for banquets, conferences and other events in and around Krakow.

Each of the premises has its own individual character, style and business profile, but is part of the recognizable and valued whole of the Le Scandale group. Our task was to design websites for premises belonging to the Le Scandale group to emphasize the unique attractiveness of each place while maintaining the coherence of the entire Le Scandale brand.

Scena 54

Scena 54 introduces cultural confusion on the map of Krakow. This is a new cocktail club that addresses its offer primarily to premium guests. We have created a website that emphasizes the prestige of the place and the live music events that take place there. We presented the club’s wide offer in an attractive way – both the cultural one and the menu rich in fancy drinks and cocktails. This translated into an increase in the popularity of Scena 54 on the local map of Krakow.

Cargo Grill & Deli

Cargo is a place where a casual and secluded atmosphere meets with a simple kitchen, not devoid of artistry. Dry seasoned Polish beef, fresh fish and seafood coming here from Europe’s largest fair. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine selection. Our website has been designed in a style that is associated with the kitchen, the flavours of which can be enjoyed here. It imitates the character of the restaurant and is a good guide to its offer.

Le Scandale Garden

This is a unique place that invites visitors to three very different, but very captivating worlds. Le with original and sophisticated cocktails, Garden captivating with an appetizing cuisine that will satisfy every culinary connoisseur, and Rum Bar encouraging with Cuban rhythms to dance the night away. Our project has gathered all these wonderful attractions in one place, presenting the entire spectrum of Le Scandale Garden’s offer in a coherent and encouraging way.

Le Scandale Zakopane

In the capital of Polish mountains, there is Le Scandale Zakopane – a club where a lot always happens. Many cultural events take place here, including live concerts. This is a unique meeting place for tourists and residents of Zakopane. We have created a website that refers to the cultural climate of this place and the entire region. The colours we used on the website refer to the lively nightclub character where the lights never go out.

Catering Scandale Group

Many years of experience in the gastronomy industry and comprehensive knowledge have enabled Scandale Group representatives to create a brand that provides catering organization for both small, intimate meetings and large events. The website we have created for Scandale Group Catering reflects professionalism and presents a wide range of offers in a transparent and attractive way.

Scandale Royal Resto & Vodka House

Stagnation is the last thing that Le Scandale Group and its premises can be associated with. Scandale Royal is the best example. In the new version, the restaurant refers to the tradition of drinking dry alcoholic beverages embedded in our culture with modern Polish cuisine accompanying it. The restaurant refers very much to the ’30s and retro style. We had to incorporate this classic character on the new website and offer presentation.

Scandale Royal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar

Scandale Royal Restaurant & Cocktail Bar was in its first instalment a premium place that was teeming with life, combining elegance and sublime style. The place provided delight to the palate both through exquisite cuisine and a wide range of drinks and cocktails. Our task was to give this exclusive atmosphere and prestige to the premises in the design of the website.

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