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The ICE Kraków Congress Centre is one of the technologically most advanced institutions of this kind in Europe. Addressing its services to the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) sector, ICE needed an effective method of presentation of unprecedented possibilities of the facility to customers.

Our works commissioned by the Kraków Festival Office resulted in the preparation of a multifunctional folder. Its elegant gray interior included a catalog and seven separate technical sheets presenting the potential of each space for rent. They are a very important sales factor because each room has its own specifications.

Most of the areas have their own specified color. We referred to these color when designing technical sheets. We focused on functionality so that ICE’s representative wanting to present a room to a potential buyer could refer to the sheet assigned to this space very quickly. Moreover, each sheet can be expanded with additional documents.

The complex shape of the building made it necessary to prepare 3D sections of rooms. Today elaborate visualizations function as a spatial orientation system in ICE.

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