UX and web design for the Polish brand of natural products for kids


Kubuś – Maspex

Scope of work:

Website – concept and graphic design
UX / UI project
Interaction design
Website development


Maspex is one of the largest companies in the segment of food products in Central and Eastern Europe. Maspex Group products are sent to over 60 countries around the world. The company cooperates with recipients in the European Union and in the rest of Europe, in the USA, Canada and the Near and Far East. Brands such as Tymbark, Kubuś, Lubella, Łowicz, Krakus, Kotlin, Puchatek, Ekland, DecoMorreno, Cremona, La Festa and Plusssz are determined leaders in their categories, products that enjoy enormous consumer confidence not only in Poland but also in other Central and Eastern European countries.

Kubuś is a favourite Polish brand of natural products for children. The brand is guided by the highest quality defined by Children Standards. An important element of Kubuś’s mission is also the education of children through safe play.


After winning the tender, our client approached us with the task of developing a new website for the Kubuś brand. The site was intended for both parents and their children aged 3-6. Parents should find there detailed information about the brand’s products, recipes for healthy meals and expert advice. For children, however, it was necessary to prepare a Safe Zone – a platform full of interactive attractions that supports development through play.

We were faced with the challenge of building a well-thought-out information architecture on the website and designing new UX / UI solutions that allow fast and intuitive navigation of both parents and their children in the demanding 3-6 year target group. Properly matched buttons, the distribution of content and its fairy-tale character required us to wake up the imaginative mind.


We focused on making all the content elements of the site find the perfect place for themselves. This was crucial in preparing the structure of the new Kubuś brand website. Navigation on the website should be clear and intuitive – especially when used by the youngest. The use of a large number of legible icons, the right size of buttons and short text messages – we have designed UX / UI solutions that will allow your child to use all the prepared interactive attractions in a simple way. All content is embedded in a child-friendly fairy-tale world.


All our activities caused that the new Kubuś brand website, thanks to the user-friendly structure, is interesting for parents and is a place ideally suited for children, providing them with safe and developing entertainment and high-quality attractions that encourage learning about the world. The new Kubuś website supports the implementation of the brand’s mission and presents it in a modern and thrilling manner, which effects in achieving sales targets.

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