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Krakow’s district heating company (MPEC)

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Krakow’s district heating company (MPEC), has been keeping the city warm for over half a century. MPEC is a burgeoning joint-stock company that is constantly developing and consistently undertaking new challenges. Thanks to a steadily growing number of clients making use of a modernized network of heating systems, MPEC has been able to rationalize consumption levels and, as a result, achieve some of the most competitive energy prices in Poland. In accordance with its aim of fighting towards cleaner air in the city, MPEC also regularly implements new, environmentally friendly energy solutions.

Should we turn up the heat? We sure can. Even a frigid-sounding annual report aimed at investors needs to warm up their interest—and it certainly can’t do that as dry, lifeless list of stats and achievements that MPEC would still love to show off. Our main objective for this project was to compile a dataset summarizing the company’s operations over the past year. Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us?

Upon taking it into your hands, the catalogue cover immediately warms up your fingertips with its velvety soft-touch finish. The paper itself is warm to the touch, it even sounds warm while being flipped through; and the print on the pages is subdued and soft on the eyes. We added hues of orange, which served as a brilliant complement to the company’s violet-and-yellow-colored logo, also visually warms up the catalogue as a whole. We managed to present a multitude of information, numbers, and statistics in a way that was accessible and user-friendly—with simplified icons for improved readability, and clearly arranged charts and tables throughout.

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