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Scope of work:   

UX audit
UX / UI workshops
UX / UI  of collaboration platform and website

The Atrium is an interagency digital platform used for learning about and establishing projects based on blockchain technology. It is designed to support learning, collaboration and conversation amongst the community of this international organization. The organization’s employees can comfortably share their individual ideas for blockchain-based projects and receive and provide feedback on other projects, no matter where in the world they are based or who is on the receiving end. The goal of this innovative tool is to foster a community and promote the usage of blockchain to create more efficient solutions for the organization. 

The client was looking for a way to improve the functionality, visuals and overall user experience of the platform. Our agency had the challenging task of building and implementing a brand new platform from the ground up.

To promote innovation

The Atrium is an online space devoted to learning about and creating projects built on blockchain technology. This is a highly technical concept which has recently been coming up more and more in the public conversation. Even though blockchain itself can be a complicated matter, the platform had to be easy to use and intuitive, where members could quickly find the information they were looking for and have a positive experience.

To build an entire system accessible to any member around the world

The two main goals of the project when designing the new platform were to focus on interaction and to craft a clean and inviting user experience. This organization stretches all the way around the world, thus we had to design a system that would be easy to understand and accessible to any member regardless of time and place. It was a complex and far-reaching endeavor, but we knew that we could handle it.

Communicating with the client

Before beginning our own conceptualization, we had extensive discussions with our client to determine which features they would most like to shine within their new platform. We conducted UX / UI workshops to learn more about the aims of the platform, after which we were able to clearly define the user flows and customer personas for the system, and get started on conceptualizing the platform.  

Determining the best approach

So that we could end up with an intuitive platform that would best serve the needs of the target audience, we utilized Atomic Design Methodology which is a specific type of approach used when crafting user interface systems.  When designing the user flow, we experimented with solutions before deciding to narrow down three main aspects of the platform: learn, project, forum. We specifically chose these three ideals because they perfectly summarize the aims of The Atrium: the support of knowledge growth, developing solutions, and friendly collaboration.

Designing with community in mind

We wanted to highlight the innovative and progressive nature of the organization: their adaptability and response to current conversations, and their encouragement of employees to voice their own ideals. Correspondingly, we kept this in mind when devising the illustration style and the platform’s aesthetic.

Where collaboration happens

Our hard work in creating and designing a brand new platform for The Atrium proved to be successful. The system positions learning and interaction first and foremost, relying on an intuitive and clean use experience that encourages feedback and collaboration. When users first visit the platform, they are instructed to create an account which makes the navigation of the system a smooth process. They can also earn points and badges through commenting on other users’ works, which further promotes teamwork. 

Thanks to the three key features of the platform – learn, project, forum – we have made it clear what the aims of the platform are and made it easy for users to navigate the system and bring their original ideas to life. The Atrium is now a place where any member of the organization can freely educate themselves further on the topic and make a world of difference.

A truly global initiative

Everything from the effortless structure of the platform to its bright and happy visual look and inclusive illustrations resulted in an engaging and encouraging user experience, making it so that employees who might not have ever met before and who could be located at opposite ends of the globe are not intimidated to share and comment on original ideas. Thanks to our concepts and their implementation, we have helped create a space dedicated towards learning, which can lead to the development of efficient solutions that make the world an even better place.

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