Powiśle 11

Chill Beneath the Hill


Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe

What we did

Branding – Logo & Corporate identity
External signage
Wayfinding system

Powiśle 11 is one of the most important addresses in Kraków. Located at the foot of the Wawel Hill, the Tourist Service Centre was hidden completely under the ground. Our task was to discover this place for passers-by, tourists and city inhabitants in a subtle but clear-cut manner because not everyone was aware of its existence.

At the beginning of works commissioned by the Kraków Festival Office, we designed a logotype. It was inspired by three elements: the shape of the building with a courtyard, waves of the nearby Vistula river and the structure of a deckchair. As a result of this, a simple but characteristic symbol was created.

We also wanted to familiarize recipients with the atmosphere of the place and to show its context, i.e., the organization of cultural events and an offer of various leisure-time activities. For this purpose, we created a slogan: “Chill Beneath the Hill”. Another task was to design a spatial orientation system. We audited the area, checked main routes of passengers and tourists and, on that basis, proposed locations of signs showing the direction to Powiśle 11.

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