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Quanpet Ltd.

What we did

Branding – Logo & Corporate idenity
Sales print materials
Website – Concept, UX, UI, Interaction Design
Mobile app
BTL materials

Quanpet is a revolutionary therapeutic solution designed for animals. According to the latest research, the feelings of anxiety, longing or aggression are experienced not only by people, but also by animals. Quanpet is an innovative audio therapy tool useful in the treatment of states of anxiety that arise in pets mainly when their owners are away. Using the receiver installed on a special collar, the application plays relevant audio messages.

The visual brand identification was created from scratch. The logotype intuitively combines the letter “Q” with the symbol of a collar equipped with a device. The interactive website designed for the purposes of the project shows the innovativeness and diversity of the product. Further works included the creation of a brand book and renders of the device.

At the end of the project, we prepared brand communication and a set of advertising materials so that potential customers could become familiar with the functioning of the product.

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