E-commerce platform project for a multi-brand online sales network



Scope of work:

E-commerce platform – concept and graphic design
UX / UI design
UI kit and Design System development
Interaction design
Implementation consulting


Sferis.pl is an online general store; and one of Poland’s favorite websites at that! Having operated for 22 years, Sferis has become a force to be reckoned with in the Polish e-commerce segment with a high place in the “E-commerce in Poland” ranking and serving 500 000 UU per month.

Sferis approached us with a challenge! Our task was to design a web-based e-commerce platform for desktop and mobile devices. The brief had specific goals in mind; above all, improving the user experience was crucial to the site’s success. Our main objective was to create a platform that would address a modern buyer’s needs, be able to support the company’s continuous growth, and stand out from the competition. Based on our collective experience, e-commerce design makes for complex and challenging projects, so getting to work with Sferis was an exciting opportunity! This particular project was all the more thrilling since we have worked with sferis.pl in the past. Working on their rebranding, we had an opportunity to learn about their customers, needs, business goals, and strategic brand values. You can learn more about our rebranding process in this case study.

Modern branding as a design direction

Part of our prior cooperation with Sferis.pl included creating a new communication strategy and visual identification. We focused on emotionally-loaded messaging, engagement building, and customer-brand relationships. Distinctive graphic motifs, unified typography, and a modern color palette project a vivid brand image and better reflect Sferis’ brand identity. Setting the brand’s tone was an essential task that directed most of the work to come.

Up-to-date trends driven UX solutions

The primary objective of building a new sales platform was to improve user experience across the entire online store, which, in turn, would optimize sales and increase e-commerce development capabilities. In a post-pandemic reality driven by the digital transformation, it was fundamental to create UX fit for modern audiences and deliver solutions that would give our client total control over the platform, independent from external agencies and developers. Only solutions like these ensure efficient implementation of future marketing and sales campaigns.

Everything in order thanks to Agile

The project was carried out in weekly sprints according to Agile PRL (Prioritized Requirements List). We divided our work into distinct stages: auditing the current store, organizing the information architecture, and designing the responsive style of the website (described in detail in the technical documentation as an aid to implementation). To maintain the continuity of communication throughout the project, we organized weekly workshop meetings with the client, which let us respond to emerging challenges on an ongoing basis.

Product search

We designed the product search feature to be intuitive at every stage of the purchase and accessible from anywhere in the store. The new e-commerce platform lets us easily configure search queries; users will receive dynamic suggestions for recently viewed products, keywords, and similar products. We have individually adjusted this solution for the desktop and mobile versions.

Product listing

One of the elements of the perfect UX is the proper arrangement of products across the website – categorization, filtering, and searching. We have implemented a system letting our client create product categories in line with running discounts. This feature helps Sferis create new advertising campaigns and display select discounted products. We have also introduced predefined tags – characteristic colors were chosen to help users remember and distinguish product categories.

Product filtering

The existing product filtering has been adapted to the sales strategy. It was built in a transparent, dynamic, and intuitive way. We have also optimized the module to be more convenient for mobile device users. To improve product filtering and sorting, we implemented new interactions (e.g., switches instead of checkboxes) adapted to the dynamic search feature.

Product presentation

Sferis is a store that offers a considerable amount of products spanning numerous categories, each of which comes in several variants. We have designed a system of three dedicated, responsive product views. It contains a unique tagging system that allows users to mark products according to the chosen criteria – the name of the promotion, discount rate, category, etc. The parameters of a given product appear in the “subtitle,” thanks to which the product’s name is short and legible. Furthermore, all product parameters are visible and can be changed on the given article’s product detail page.

Product comparison

In our work, end-user experiences are considered to be highly important, if not the most important matter! UX-focused design helps Sferis create a personalized customer experience by letting users choose the right product without having to click through numerous subpages of the store. We have designed a straightforward and compact product comparison module, allowing users to add products directly from the search listing, product view page, or the cart. We also used a system for automatic, category-based product sorting. The user can compare up to 16 products with information pinned to the screen for easier navigation and readability, as well as the ability to quickly return to the product list.

Setting up orders

In the new store, we have introduced an easy product configuration from the shopping cart level, adding/removing insurance for purchases, discount codes, order preview, and a clear division of essential information. In addition, we have designed a clear and intuitive insurance management system that the user can access by adding a product to the cart and by viewing the cart subpage itself. We also improved the readability of all information regarding the differences between the insurance packages and implemented a way to add supplementary insurance.

Purchasing process

The new Sferis.pl store provides an entirely new, revamped purchasing process. We have designed a new order summary view in which each step is described concisely and simplified as much as possible. In addition, we used a dynamic order summary that updates your shopping information on the go.

The complaint process

The users can now submit a complaint by selecting a specific order on the store’s website and then choosing specific products they want to exchange or return. All of the information regarding their complaint’s status can be accessed from the user panel. The user no longer has to write e-mails or communicate via chat/phone with an employee. This process has also been adapted to work optimally on mobile devices.

Design system

We have built the new Sferis.pl store in line with an all-encompassing Design System created by our team. The design system offers a vast number of components that can be used to construct subsequent subpages. Predefined elements make it easier to work on store development while maintaining consistency and diversity of its contents.

Tile system

To facilitate work on promotional and marketing activities, we have created a Design System containing a package of templates and modules for subpages and groups. Doing so allows our client to generate dedicated promotional pages and landing pages easily, without the need to assign developers and designers.

User-friendly and effective ecommerce platform

The result of cooperation with Sferis is a project that thoroughly meets the expectations of the brand’s current (and future!) customers. The new online store stands out thanks to significantly improved efficiency and clarity – you can easily find information about ongoing promotions, search for product categories, and – most importantly – easily and quickly place an order. If we were to summarize this project in three words, those would be: intuitive, clear, and optimized.

It is these adjectives that best describe the new platform and, at the same time, complement the modern and reliable nature of Sferis.pl’s branding. The e-commerce platform is fully adapted to the growing inventory and ever-changing product catalog. As a result, it meets both the expectations of customers and the people who manage this website.

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