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Scope of work:

UX/UI workshops
UX strategy
Information architecture
UX/UI design
Design system

Sinterit is a Polish manufacturer of advanced SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printers. In addition, the company provides complex, integrated system solutions, including manufacturing software, materials, and peripherals. Sinterit’s products enable printing objects that are difficult or impossible to print using FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology. The company’s mission is to revolutionize manufacturing and accelerate the development of companies around the world by providing them with modern equipment at an affordable price. Sinterit is present in over 40 countries, including the USA, Germany, France, Canada, Italy, the Benelux, Russia, and the UK.

Defining the scope

For a project to be successful, we needed to understand the client’s expectations, define the scope of work, develop an optimal schedule and define the primary goals, which included:

  • Creating a modern website that:
    • has image-building and sales capabilities
    • supports individual departments within the company
    • highlights essential products and services
    • is in line with global trends
    • generates inbound leads and facilitates sales
    • increases organic traffic through valuable content
  • Designing information architecture across 70 subpages
  • Revamping the design so that the website reflects the brand’s innovative character, is readable and usable, and keeps users on the website for as long as possible.

Defining the client's needs

Our cooperation started with a series of workshops aimed at understanding the needs of individual departments in the company and defining the new website’s goals and essential features. Above all, Sinterit needed to clearly display printing systems, materials, peripherals, and software, as well as maintenance and after-sales services. We spent a considerable part of our workshops recreating the buyer’s journey and outlining the target groups, which helped us understand the users’ needs and expectations.

Just what the customer needs

During the workshops, we created personas representing distinctive buyer types and recreated the customer journey map. Doing so allowed us to analyze user behavior which, in turn, helped us design the website that guides the user to the information they’re looking for. The new information architecture design lets the user quickly find noteworthy content on the page. We wanted potential customers and distributors to be able to navigate the website with a sense of direction, regardless of their level of expertise.

A new standard in web design

We have created a unique design system, i.e., a set of guidelines and components for designing and developing a digital product – in this case, a website. Our specialists have developed a set of rules, recommendations, and good practices concerning the use of color, typography, visual elements, and the relationships between them. A design system is a practical tool that helps the team involved in designing the product stay consistent, reduce optimization costs and streamline work on subsequent subpages.

Design clarity

The original design was confusing and overwhelming for the end-user. We enforced design clarity by choosing Roboto Light as the leading font and preserving white space, i.e., an area between the individual elements on the website. White space helps build a positive user experience by introducing content hierarchy. Leaving some space unused lets the user focus on the page’s essential components, increases the aesthetic value, and encourages them to familiarize themselves with the offer. We have also rearranged the information structure, making it more accessible for the user.

Printing set configurator

The product configurator lets Sinterit’s customers browse and compose printer sets tailored to their individual needs. Using it, the user can create various combinations of kits, choosing from available printers, powders, peripherals, and accessories. In addition, the system automatically generates a price for each set so that the user can choose the most beneficial option.

Price calculation module

Researching the target group, we found that knowing the cost-in-use beforehand is a key factor in Sinterit’s customers’ buying decisions. Knowing this, we’ve developed a module that shows the approximate cost of printing sample components. Printing costs change based on the selected type of material and printer model – the user can see all possible configurations with a single mouse click.

Content is king

In order to organize content on the website, we’ve created knowledge bases related to different areas (Applications, Knowledge, Support). Each of these content hubs lets the user find valuable content and answers to frequently asked questions. Doing so helped our client capitalize on their extensive content library, now with optimized SEO crosslinking, which resulted in increased organic traffic from Google search results. Knowledge bases are an invaluable tool for Sinterit’s sales and support departments. They also help cement the brand’s image as an industry expert.

Generating sales leads

Our client wanted a page that would both strengthen the brand’s image and generate leads. To do so, we had to develop a solution that would facilitate sales and provide value to the user. As a result, we’ve implemented an action paywall, which lets users access valuable content, such as ebooks, in exchange for their contact details. Despite the website not being an online store, we designed the customer journey like we would that of an e-commerce site. The product detail pages follow landing page design standards to enable effective marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

After-sales support

For the Support tab, we’ve developed an intuitive search engine that lets the user filter content by products and categories, enabling printer owners to find and access relevant information easily. In addition, as a part of Sinterit’s complex after-sales support effort, we’ve developed additional pages that could support educational videos, an FAQ, and Tips & Tricks materials.

On-demand 3D printouts

While Sinterit’s products can only be bought by contacting sales or at select brick-and-mortar stores, the site’s visitors can effortlessly order 3D printouts via an e-commerce-like module. Before committing to the purchase of a 3D printer or an entire SLS printing kit, potential clients can check the quality and precision of their end products. Sinterit offers a standardized sample box and advanced, often industry-specific designs.

Staying in touch

Sinterit prides itself on its support and customer care. That’s why the website encourages users to contact an appropriate department that would either help resolve an issue or help choose the right 3D printing solution. In addition, customers can contact Sinterit in a way that best fits them: via phone, e-mail, contact form, or by booking a consultation via Calendly.

A strong, competitive position

We observed a significant improvement in key performance indicators: pageviews, organic traffic, and time spent on the website. Everything, from the clear information structure to the website’s modern, professional design, resulted in an engaging, inviting user experience and emphasized the brand’s prestigious image.

An industry expert

Thanks to an extensive library of content across numerous subpages and content hubs, Sinterit established its position as an expert in the field of SLS technology. Furthermore, SEO-optimized content and internal crosslinking resulted in a significantly better search engine positioning on Google.

All-encompassing support

A dedicated Support tab provides value to both the support department and Sinterit’s customers. With clearly structured, informative content available on the website, the number and quality of generated leads saw an increase. In contrast, the number of questions regarding the offer and product specification decreased.

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