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Triflow is an advisory agency in the commercial real estate sector focused on warehouse buildings and investment plots. Triflow provides consulting services for companies from the production, logistics and warehousing industry through support in acquiring real estate and offering added value to its clients’ processes. Although the company is just entering the market, its portfolio includes 200+ proven locations, it leases 350,000 m2 of space, and the founders of the company have over 10 years of experience in the industry and a well-established personal brand in the community.

  • Conducting the exploration process – a series of analyzes and workshops with the client, which will allow us to gain knowledge about the industry, market functioning, business assumptions and the needs of the target group
  • Creating a brand strategy that will define Triflow, define its attributes and values, allowing for strong and clear positioning
  • Modern corporate identity that reflects the professionalism, experience and expertise of the founders of the brand
  • A website that will draw on the latest trends and solutions to provide innovative support in building customer relationships and their best experience
  • Ensuring the necessary resources for the brand to dynamically launch and develop sales in a difficult and competitive market

Give form to a business concept

To be able to develop and manage a brand, it is necessary to know and understand its origins, define its essence and positioning. Then we can start creating its resources, including the most important: branding and website. The starting point was to create a brand strategy that would organize its universe, define the most important attributes and give a concrete form to the idea behind Triflow’s activity – the possibility of implementing large and comprehensive commercial projects within a small team, focusing on close relationships with clients. Knowing the business idea, we were able to start a comprehensive process of arranging and building a new brand. We had to be careful that the main idea behind Triflow retained credibility and authenticity.

Put all the puzzles together into a coherent whole

We had a lot of specific guidelines, but in order to be able to build a strong and distinctive brand, we had to focus on every aspect related to its activity and the specificity and potential of the market. With the founders of Triflow, we held a series of workshops that allowed us to define the key elements necessary to build positioning, as well as learn about the problems, expectations and needs of the target group in terms of creating a website. Working very closely with the client, we collected and compiled a lot of information that resulted in the creation of a brand strategy and setting the direction for further branding work.

Robes worthy of an expert in his industry

Having clear guidelines regarding the brand itself, its attributes and its character, we started work on creating distinctive and modern branding so that the brand could stand out on the market with its corporate identity. The specificity of the large-area real estate itself gave us a lot of ideas, from which we formed specific solutions, both when designing the logo and choosing the font.

Engineering typography and color code

We have obtained a very engineering aesthetics, which gives the impression of solidity and orderliness – these are the features that can confidently describe Triflow. The use of a properly saturated yellow color is very strongly associated with warehouses. This shade is a fresh color of the construction industry. Branding builds experience consistent with the brand strategy.

Meet client expectations

Innovation is something that guided Triflow not only at the level of operational issues and organizational culture of its business. In the 21st century, it also had to be reflected in the UX/UI area of the website, so that customers feel from the first contact that they are in the good hands of experts. After all, building and caring for a relationship lies at the foundation of the brand.

UX/UI solutions tailored to clients’ needs

The well-thought-out website architecture and the solutions used respond to the needs and expectations of clients, which we mapped during the workshops thanks to the Customer Journey Map. In accordance with the best trends and practices, we have created a functional warehouse space search engine based on square footage and geolocation. Each Triflow client also has his own account and can manage all the offers he’s interested in. Then he can send an inquiry to receive a personalized offer from Triflow. This is an example of the selection of appropriate back-end tools in the service of caring for business relationships thanks to the website.

Joint effort

The Funktional and Triflow teams had a long struggle ahead of them during joint project work, which required mutual understanding and dialogue regarding the selected solutions. Many ideas were born as part of joint analyzes and conceptual work. With a lot of tasks on the table, the dynamics of communication had various fluctuations and there were stressful situations and ambiguities, which, however, we explained on an ongoing basis. The problem, for example, was the connection between the API and the announcements on the OtoDom real estate website, because we didn’t realize in time that there were ready-made integrations, but in the end, the process itself went well. Despite the fact that the entire project was extremely demanding, thanks to working in the Agile system and dividing the project into specific measurable stages, we managed to maintain control and ensure the effective execution of the entire project.

Strong entry into the market

Thanks to the efficiently conducted brand building process, Triflow was able to enter the market as a well-defined brand. In its category, it has a distinctive image, clear and legible communication, and refined resources that strengthen its identity, consolidating its competitive positioning among small real estate agencies on the market.

Client focused experts

Clients’ contact with the brand leaves no illusions that we’re dealing with experts in their field who approach each order very individually, a way large network agencies cannot afford. This builds the experience of a caring brand focused on client needs. And this was the guiding principle of the Triflow founders from the very beginning.

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