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Tymbark has been present in the hearts of Poles for nearly 80 years. The brand is an undisputed juice and soft drink market leader in Poland, with an international distribution network reaching 30 countries. The brand became famous thanks to its product quality and, more importantly, unique bottlecaps under which we can find optimistic slogans.

For Tymbark, we have created a corporate website with the primary goal of image-building. The site is meant to attract the attention of the brand’s target group, build brand awareness, and support the sales team. We succeeded!

Intuitive and flexible

Tymbark came to us with the task of creating a corporate website tailored primarily to mobile users. A website based on a flexible and intuitive CMS that’s in line with the brand’s long-term strategy. The website didn’t follow current design trends and couldn’t be adapted to deliver on Tymbark’s development goals, such as implementing new products or promotional campaigns.

A website that meets your needs

Our goal was to address the needs of two target groups – individual clients and employees of the Maspex group. For the first group, it was crucial to design an intuitive mobile website, so while working on the information architecture and mockups, we were following mobile-first design practices. On the other hand, the second target group was mostly comprised of salespeople who needed to be able to edit and expand the platform without advanced front-end development knowledge.

We make it better

The website had to streamline the work of multiple departments of the company. One of the objectives was to significantly reduce the risk of making a critical error while editing the website. To achieve it, we had to examine the needs of all employees working with WordPress on a daily basis. We also wanted to find and overcome the obstacles that the company had to deal with while operating the old CMS. Internal workshops with Tymbark provided us with great insights, which allowed us to plan the development of a solution that will simplify everyday work, reduce the labor intensity of tasks, and help avoid human error.

Bottlecap, the Brand Hero!

The Importance of Tymbark’s visual identification cannot be understated. The new design utilizes the iconic green color and references the “brand hero” – Bottlecap. Implementing dynamic elements into the website’s design is also deliberate. They make each subpage feel alive and evoke positive emotions, just like the slogans under the bottlecaps!

It’s all about the product

The premise of Tymbark’s (Maspex Group) new corporate website wasn’t to focus on the company itself. Instead, the product takes center stage. The user can easily filter and search by name, taste, or product line. All information the user might be looking for is neatly presented on the revamped product detail page. After all, Tymbark’s products are the lifeblood of the company.

Delivered with flying colors

Tymbark is famous not only for its bottlecaps but also for its wide range of products. The company offers a variety of juices, drinks, mousses, nectars, etc. Navigating through such an extensive portfolio can be a real headache for the user. That’s not the case with the website we have designed and implemented. Our digital product is a minimalistic platform that lets the user intuitively navigate each page. The website’s layout helps guide the user by presenting all the relevant information in a clear manner. Whether it’s products, recipes, promotional events, or B2B announcements, everything is easily accessible. In doing so, the new website complies with modern design principles and the brand’s strategic goals.

Navigating the product portfolio

In line with Tymbark’s iconic claim, Kochaj życie (Love life), we wanted the users to have a pleasant experience. A holistic approach to information architecture design and UX wireframing vastly improved user experience. The product details page allows the user to instantly find the products’: ingredients, available sizes, and nutrition facts. From the product page, the user can also easily choose a different flavor from the same product line and learn more about it without leaving navigating back to the homepage.

What’s on your mind?

Tymbark is a brand that deeply cares about the quality of the products and the consumer’s experience. The company also appreciates their feedback and puts great effort into staying up-to-date with all information shared by the clients. With that in mind, we redesigned the contact page to help the brand stay in touch with its target audience. The new contact form lets consumers submit their questions, opinions, and suggestions effortlessly, with minimal time investment.

Intuitive CMS framework

As mentioned before, the CMS system needed significant improvements. Looking for the right solutions, we settled on a modular CMS framework. In order to comply with the long-term goals of the company, we’ve built the new website from the ground up using the latest in front-end development technology. We have created templates of individual page sections that can be used to design a new subpage at any time. Working on the website in-house became an easy task. Tymbark can now add new products, update individual sections, and promote marketing campaigns without the involvement of a team of developers and designers.

Full independence

From the very beginning, we wanted to satisfy two parties: the user (Tymbark’s clients) and the website’s moderators (all people working on expanding the offer and editing the content). By providing a way to edit and develop the website internally, we helped the client become independent from design and development subcontractors, which significantly limited Tymbark’s outsourcing expenses.

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