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Tymbark has been present in the hearts of Poles for nearly 80 years. It’s the market leader. The brand became famous not only thanks to the offer but also thanks to the unique caps, under which we can find optimistic slogans. For Tymbark, we have created an image website to attract the attention of the target group, build brand awareness and support sales team. We succeeded!

Intuition and flexibility

Tymbark turned to us with the task of creating an image website that would be tailored primarily to users using mobile phones, had a flexible and intuitive CMS system and would be in line with the brand’s strategic assumptions. Design of the old website didn’t follow the current trends. Moreover, the website wasn’t adapted to the assumptions – new products appearing in the offer or new campaigns.

A website that meets your needs

Tymbark was interested in two important groups that use the website – individual clients and employees of the Maspex group. For the first one – the most important element was to create an intuitive mobile website, so while working on the website, we were guided by the idea of “mobile first”! As for the second target group, an important element was the support of the sales department, which had to be able to edit and expand the platform on its own.

We make it better

The new website, was also to improve the work of different – separate, but closely cooperating – departments of Tymbark company. Reduce the errors while editing the website. To do it – we had to find out what is the needs of all employees who had to deal with wordpress panel. We also wanted to find out about the problems the company had to deal with when servicing the old CMS. Internal workshops with the client made us aware of many aspects and allowed us to plan the construction of such a solution that will facilitate everyday work, reduce the labor-intensity of tasks, and also reduce the possibility of human errors.

The cap - our BRAND HERO!

The important aspect was a visual aspect of the Tymbark website – adoption a green color and a reference to the “brand hero” which is the bottle cap. Placing dynamic elements on the website is also deliberate – it makes this page alive, evokes emotions, just like the slogans under the caps!

Product in the first place

While building a website for Tymbark (Maspex group), we wanted to create a great product presentation – the ability to filter, search by name, taste, or product line, as well as find information about the product. In the end – the product – plays the main role on the website.

The power of colors

Tymbark is famous not only for its bottle caps but also for its wide range of products. It offers juices, drinks, mousses, nectars etc. in a variety of capacities and flavours. Each customer, after entering such a website, may get dizzy from the number of products available, but not (immodestly speaking) on the website we have designed and implemented. Our digital product is a minimalistic and transparent platform that allows the user to navigate through it in an intuitive and easy way. It was created in such a way that the customer could easily find exactly what he is looking for at the moment, and was informed about exactly the promotion that is in force at the moment. The website, therefore, meets all the assumptions of modern design and is also consistent with the brand’s strategy.

Everything about the product

The website was built for the client – to find every important information about the product. In an easy and fast way. The product page is very clear, simple, and allows you to focus on the important elements such as the composition of the product, name, capacity, and more. The user who is on the product pages, can also easily choose a different flavor from the same line and learn more about it without leaving this page to the main menu.

What’s on your mind?

Tymbark is a brand that cares about the quality of the products and about the clients. They also appreciate their opinion and try to be up to date with the information shared by clients. How? Also via a website, and more precisely using a form that has been built in such a way that the customer doesn’t have to spend too much time submitting the form. Contact with Tymbark is easy and intuitive.

Intuitive CMS system

As mentioned before, the client wanted a modular structure of the CMS system. Due to the operational needs of the company, we have built a new website based on the latest technologies. The templates of individual sections prepared by us can be used in any way to build new subpages. Updating products, adding new offers, sections, campaigns – thanks to a well-configured CMS – are trouble-free activities that do not require the involvement of a team of developers and designers.

Full independence

From the very beginning, we wanted to satisfy two parties – the user (Tymbark brand client), and the moderators of the website (all people working on expanding the offer and editing the content). As a result, we helped the client to become completely independent from subcontractors and gave him the opportunity to edit the website himself, and expand. In this way, we limited the client’s external costs.

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