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We are wanderers

We love crossing the boundaries and going where no one has gone ever before. We explore the unknown with a strong conviction that with enough work and proper strategy you can reach even the furthest goals. That’s why we like new endeavors best. Whether it’s a new brand, product or a service. We’ll create a bespoke, strategically rooted solution, both in digital and analog environment that will elevate your business.

“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it”
Pablo Picasso

In the recent years it became clear that we’re best at building new things. That’s why we formed our offer around it. It’s all connected, like in the universe we live in. We strive to be a one stop shop where you will be able to get everything your brand, product or service might need, regardless of whether you are start-up, medium-sized business or a corporation.


  • web
  • mobile
  • UI / UX
  • digital product
  • video & animation
  • 3D design

As digital technologies keep transforming the way we see and experience the world it became obvious that good design to a large extent influences customer decision-making. We use intuitive design and UX to deliver a seamless experience that will engage the user and sway him to take action.

We plan and execute responsive interfaces, websites, mobile and desktop apps. We focus on user experience while doing so. We offer advanced UX analytics and optimization through partnering with Content Square. One of world’s leading UX analytics software.

We hire the best developers, but also we work with many software houses located in Cracow. The city is known as the technological capital of Poland. Among our partners You can find the best specialists in video, animation and 3D production, enabling us to create even more immersive solutions.


  • brand communication strategy
  • brand positioning
  • customer experience
  • service design
  • NPD
  • R&D

Strategy is where it all begins.
In today’s reality, the increasingly rapid pace of innovation is driving consumers to become more discerning, more demanding and much more easily bored. To grow in such conditions, businesses need to focus on the consumer and his needs. When crafting a strategy, we focus on deep understanding of your business goals, consumer demographics and most importantly psychographics.

A good strategy predicts future trends and anticipate the evolution of the market landscape. That’s why we start with extensive research of your company’s business goals, product or service, environment and competition. We help companies to understand the consumer needs better and embrace the possibilities of innovative approach connected with the most efficient use of new technologies. Our aim is to build a real value proposition that will engage the consumer and deliver results.

We know that beyond the brand communication strategy and positioning an endless space of possibilities opens up. Our Research & Development lab will help your organization tap into those possibilities. From developing new products, through customer experience strategies to service design. A consultative approach enables us to work together through workshops to build amazing things.


  • naming
  • logo + brand identity
  • brand guidelines
  • rebranding
  • event branding

Branding is much more than just your image. It’s the empowering force that drives your business. It’s the second pillar of success but building a cohesive and consistent identity isn’t easy and involves a lot of experience, talent and a good strategy.

We think that every element of the brand’s identity needs to tell a story that make up the brand itself. Every piece is important and needs to reflect brand values and message. It goes much deeper than most think and we know it.

We involve ourselves in every step of the process. Starting with a name, logo and identity we create something out of nothing. The second step is to create proper guidelines that will set standards and paths needed to keep the consistency throughout all the channels.

We also like rebrandings and event brandings!

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