As a strategic branding and digital agency, we pride ourselves on our outstanding ability to help our clients optimize their digital marketing strategies and boost their online presence. We are an extremely talented team that has had the opportunity to work with companies all over the world. Our success in supporting our clients’ online activity has caught the eye of Clutch, a ratings and review platform that has listed us as one of the best UX designers in Poland in 2018.

Clutch is a third-party reviews site that ranks B2B service providers to help buyers find the best firms to partner with. When collecting reviews about companies, Clutch does things a bit differently than other reviews sites because they will call and speak directly with our partners, gathering their feedback about Funktional in an authentic & accurate method. Our high ranking on Clutch is attributed to how closely we work with our clients and our proven ability to make their brand identities as strong as possible.

Clutch’s platform is not only a helpful tool for buyers seeking service providers. As a company that’s always looking to go above and beyond for our clients, it’s been extremely beneficial for our team as well to hear directly from our partners and get their feedback on their experiences working with us.

We have our first review on our profile, and already the feedback is more than we could have expected. Check it out:

In addition to being listed as a top UX design company on Clutch, our positive reviews have allowed us to be placed on a similar list by their sister website, The Manifest, as one of the best brand consultants in Poland in 2018.

The importance of digital marketing for businesses continues to grow, and it is crucial that your business pays attention to its online presence. Whether you like it or not, the vast majority of your customer base will make a buying decision online, and it’s important that your company stands out from similar businesses. Investing in your brand is one of the best digital marketing strategies to adhere to in order to confirm that your company stands out amongst the crowd. Make sure your company gets the recognition it deserves and partner with us today.