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3A Composites

Scope of work

Sub-brand logotypes
Visual identity
Corporate and product catalogs
PPT presentation template
Trade fair stand
Photo sessions
Corporate video
Product animations
Web page
Unreal product application


3A Composites is a Swiss company with over 60 years of experience, operating on four continents, employing over 4000 employees. It is part of the international concern Schweiter Technologies AG. In 2015, 3A Composites bought the Polish company Plastwag and merged it with its Airex Composite Structures brand, which for many years of operation has established itself a stable position on the world market in the production and development of intelligent composite materials.

As a result of the merger of these two companies, there was renaming and the brand 3A Composites | Mobility was created. New name derives from the parent company and combines the composite with mobility. Currently, it is the main supplier of ready-made components for leading brands of rail and road vehicles, such as Stadler, Siemens, and Solaris.


The merger of two such large companies resulted in an internal reorganization. It caused communication, employer branding, and structural problems. Among employees, there were numerous fears, a sense of uncertainty and even danger, which resulted in natural resistance to change. They lost their sense of community, belonging, ‘one direction’. Our challenge was to comprehensively create the brand image of 3A Composites Mobility, taking into account its leading position in production on the global market.


Our client offered us a cooperative journey into the future, during which we took care of the branding of the company, presenting the brand as an employer at a high European level, modern, providing stable employment, security, development and promotion opportunities to its employees.


The logotype is simple and dynamic. Monochrome. Economical in its form, typographically inspired by Swiss minimalism – sans-serif. It reflects the key values ​​of the brand: modernity, stability, and timelessness. The tilt of the Mobility word symbolizes movement, development, and dynamism – the features of a company that rushes into the future. Speeding fast train, built on the basis of modern components 3A Composites | Mobility.

Branding elements

Typography, color, and line are the three main graphic elements of 3A Composites Mobility branding. Sans-serif typeface, with a clean, simple appearance, combines the regularity of form with readability and practicality. The basic palette of colors consists of shades of black and blue. It’s cool, technically and laboratory. Clearly. Black lines as a very important graphic element of 3A Composites Mobility branding is the result of a combination characteristic of the Swiss style of geometry with the symbolism of roads and railway rails, on which vehicles built from the brand’s components run. With the same black line, we designed icons that are symbolic content support. The signs are simple, technical and blend in well with the typography that accompanies them.

Swiss style

It’s simplicity, functionality, arrangement, precision, and elegance. It’s bright and even cool colors. This is the superior role of typography. Necessarily sans-serif. The most important is the content, undisturbed by anything that would distract its reception. Beauty can not cloud the message. It has to be nice, but above all, legibility. Swiss.

PowerPoint Presentation Template

The PPT presentation is the age-old bane of large corporations. With many users and people preparing presentations, it is not easy to achieve graphical consistency with the branding. We have created a universal, flexible, having many elements and styles of paragraph templates. This template works well in all departments of the company.


3A Composites | Mobility has 4 products – Comfloor (heated floors), Innocab (fronts), Xbody (roofs and walls) and Infit (solutions for vehicle interiors). For each of the products, we created a logo with a pattern referring to the design of a given component. The bold font logo symbolizes strength, durability, and stability – features of our Swiss company and its products. Pattern is characterized by simplicity, characteristic for Swiss style geometry
and the subtlety of form. Built with a thin, delicate line, referring to the lightness of components, it reflects their structure and layering. Everything gives the element identified with it and together they create a harmonious family of products.

BTL Materials - Folders

For the needs of the Berlin trade fair, we have prepared a corporate catalog and four product cards, providing in a transparent way the most important features of individual sub-brands.
Product cards, economical in their form, with simple typography and black line, enriched with icons and photos preserved in a cool tone, are legible and pleasant in reception. The ability to place cards in a folder, by using folding in ‘C’, gives the cards additional functionality.


On September 2018, the InnoTrans industry fair was held in Berlin, where the company 3A Composites | Mobility publicly presented a new name and branding for the very first time.

For the needs of the fair, in cooperation with Panopticon Films, we created four animations, simply and legibly presenting individual products. The short videos are willingly used by traders, they are great as a complement to conversations with the client. They are also a significant complement to the company’s website.

Trade stand

In cooperation with the Swiss company Standbau Hug AG, we designed a 46-meter stand for 3A Composites | Mobility for the Berlin trade fair. Innovative, dynamic design and economical, bright colors, broken by the warmth of wood, attracted a multitude of customers with an atmosphere of safe modernity.

Corporate film and photo sessions

At the Berlin InnoTrans fair, in collaboration with Panopticon Films, a four-minute film presenting the most important features and values ​​of the company was implemented. An interesting presentation of the production process and the confidence of the employees’ statements, combined with the bright tone, calm pace and gentle, light staff, perfectly illustrate innovation, creativity and openness. 3A Composites | Mobility, in an atmosphere of complete comfort and safety.

Photo sessions were held in the factories in Mielec and Altemhein. Their effects can be viewed in catalogs and on websites. The photos were also used in the design of the stand at the Berlin trade fair. Photographs are preserved in bright, blue colors. They are characterized by a technical, laboratory atmosphere. They fully reflect the spirit of the brand.


The company’s website is of image and information character. Economical in form, almost technical, with delicate, bright, bluish colors and simple typography. There is nothing that distracts the reception and interferes with finding the content you are looking for quickly. It simply contains what is most important, and everything arranged in a transparent, logical way. With Swiss precision.


A breakthrough event for 3A Composites Mobility was participation in the international InnoTrans fair in Berlin, during which the new name and branding were publicly presented for the first time. The company’s stand was very popular. Branding 3A Composites | Mobility is a strategy of above-average growth and from the very beginning, it was treated as an investment which, closely correlated with the business strategy of the company, brings the expected results. The brand looks modern and is perceived by customers as a reliable business partner. Branding also allowed to build a strong sense of employee’s identity with the company.

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