Perfect quality is our element!  A product catalog with an expressive theme that perfectly reflects the character of the brand, a leader in roofing solutions.



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Product catalog
Creative concept

For over 130 years, CREATON offers high-quality ceramic and cement roof tiles along with original accessories and mounting elements. The company has a presence in 7 locations in Germany and production facilities in Widziszew and Chojnice, Poland and CREATON SEE in Lenti, Hungary. Their products successfully blend tradition and innovation. Using only the highest quality natural materials, they provide buildings with necessary protection and their residents with a safe and solid roof over their heads.

  • To create a creative concept that will become the theme of the catalog
  • To present a wide range of products in a clear and attractive form for the target group
  • To strategically develop the final composition of the catalog, taking into account:
    • the main theme,
    • key information about the company,
    • product cards with technical specifications.

A breath of freshness

We knew that our client wanted to bring a new quality to the product presentation. At the same time, the design had to take into account existing corporate materials and brand book guidelines. It was also important to maintain the image of a premium brand, which is a leader in the roofing market and offers the highest quality products. The character of the catalog was to be modern, fresh, and innovative on the one hand, and prestigious, elegant, and monumental on the other.

Creative concept

The tone of voice of the catalog was a key element of the project, as it had to reflect the image of the premium brand on the one hand, and be based on the previously established archetypes of the Ruler and the Sage on the other. We prepared several creative concepts that depicted power and wisdom, which are the key features of the aforementioned brand archetypes. Each idea had a strong reference to nature and emphasized the benefits of natural materials used for the production of roof tiles.

The unbeatable power of elements

The elemental motif won, perfectly embodying the brand’s spirit. Why? Just as the power of elements shapes our environment, CREATON has been shaping the market for modern roof coverings for many years, becoming an undisputed leader in its industry. The strength and dynamism of the elements perfectly symbolizes what CREATON has represented for years – innovation, quality, and durability.

The idea of excellent quality

“Perfect quality is our element” slogan has a double meaning and a strong message. We wanted to emphasize that CREATON products are made from selected natural materials, which are responsible for their uncompromising durability and exceptional aesthetic values. The slogan not only refers to nature but also highlights the constant pursuit of perfection, passion, and commitment to improving production technology and delivering even better results.

The act of creation

The monumental cover photo is not only an aesthetic element but also a crucial part of the storytelling. We knew it had to be perfect to attract the reader’s attention and introduce them to the story of the elements. That’s why we decided to use the theme of lava and a volcano as a photographic emphasis on taming the forces of nature. The photo not only refers to the creation theme but also symbolizes how magma after solidification creates new earth – similarly, CREATON creates its products from the highest quality materials. This makes the roof tile a human creation that surpasses the work of nature.

In search of balance

When designing the catalog, we were aware that we had to find the right balance between expressive images of elements symbolizing the strength and durability of the roof tiles and static product cards presenting detailed information about the product. We applied white space and minimalistic forms and graphics, allowing the focus to be on the product while contrasting well with the distinctive main theme. Our goal was to maximize the exposure of the roof tiles and showcase their unique features.

Unique product features

The element theme was also used to highlight the strength and longevity of the roof tiles, which are resistant to weather conditions. Roof tiles made from natural materials can withstand strong winds, rain, snow, and even hail. They are also resistant to UV rays and do not deform due to temperature changes. We emphasized the key features of the roof tiles (beauty, durability, longevity) and the fact that they result from the selected natural materials combined with modern technology and expert knowledge to create functional and safe solutions.

Controlled chaos

Putting together the catalog required focus and creativity from us. One of the biggest challenges we faced was the multitude of elements we had to work with. Tiles, finishes, color options, accessories, various categories – all of this made it difficult to maintain the clarity of the catalog. We had to find a way to fit all the products while still preserving the readability and simplicity of the entire layout. We tried different solutions and it wasn’t until several attempts that we were able to create a final catalog that is clear and easy to navigate.

Increase in brand prestige

The modern product catalog allows for the increase of brand prestige and strengthens its image as an expert and leader in the roofing industry. Through the use of an original theme, the catalog stands out from competitors, attracts potential customers, and builds a stronger relationship with current ones. With careful product selection, the catalog is an excellent tool to showcase new offerings, complement the existing range, and highlight unique product features. Customers can stay up-to-date with the brand’s offerings.

Source of inspiration

By utilizing an original theme, the catalog stands out from competitors and captures the attention of potential customers. The reader also has the opportunity to learn about the comprehensive range and advantages of individual products. The catalog is also rich in images that showcase the products directly on the roof. This allows potential customers to see how the tiles look in a real-world environment, improving their understanding of functionality and aesthetics. The catalog thus becomes not only a source of information but also an inspiration for potential customers.

Supporting the sales process

The product catalog is an extremely effective marketing tool that enables reaching a wider group of customers, increasing interest in the offering and boosting sales. The clear and concise product presentation allows for a quick and easy overview of the offerings and helps in making the right choice. Through the product catalog, customers can quickly and easily compare various roof tile models and select the best one for their needs.

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