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Coldwell Banker is an extensive and technologically advanced project being carried out upon the order by InnerWorking, a leading international marketing agency providing services to corporations from the Fortune 500 list. Established in 2002, the company began its dynamic development from an innovative idea for improvement of the quality of printing-related processes. As we have our own printing house, and the web2print idea is close to us, we could understand the customer’s needs even better.

Therefore, we started working on the project for Coldwell Banker – the oldest company on the American real property market – with particular commitment. Founded by Colbert Coldwell in 1906, the company became the prototype for real property brokerage in the USA. For over 100 years of continuous development, the company has grown to an enormous size and now has over 3,000 offices in 49 countries around the world.

Our task was to prepare a website aimed at improving the work efficiency of Coldwell Banker’s employees and partners in the USA. The first step was to design a tool making it possible to order the printing of personalised promotional materials. Functioning in the web2print system, the platform is based on over 3,500 technologically advanced graphic templates created by us. We have also created templates for advertising materials that support real property brokers in their daily work, such as advertising leaflets and brochures, hangers or business cards.

It took us a year to build and improve the website. Apart from creating target contents, we have also prepared a proposal of a cohesive interface. In addition, we are responsible for Quality Assurance, so Coldwell Banker’s customers and partners can be sure that they will receive top-quality materials.

However, the website is not all. Funktional, which is a 360o marketing agency, prepared an image campaign for the website.

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