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.KTW constitutes two modern office buildings located in the center of Katowice, which are one of the tallest structures in Silesia. Their developer, TDJ Estate, along with the renowned architectural studio Medusa Group, chose a project that symbolizes work ethos, diligence, honesty, simplicity, and modesty – values of high importance for Silesia and Katowice.

The goal that we had in mind when working on brand awareness, visual identification, the teaser and the website was the promotion of one of the biggest investments of the last decade in Silesia and its future impact on the development of the region.

Becoming accustomed to power

The slogan that the architects of .KTW had in mind was “the modesty of form and the bravery of scale”. However, the investor was afraid that this bravery may not be accepted by Katowice inhabitants. Therefore, our first task was to accustom the inhabitants to the vision of the new building.

The central point and icon of the city is the Spodek hall. The buildings erected around it, such as the seat of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra or the International Congress Centre, are an ideally designed functional background for this area of high importance to the inhabitants.

The idea of erecting a skyscraper in the immediate vicinity of Spodek required a very creative and balanced approach to the creation of marketing communication. Our task was to accustom the inhabitants to the idea of the project that would give a completely new look to the heart of the city.

Revealing a part of the secret

Our target group consisted of inhabitants of the Silesian agglomeration. Creating a teaser addressed to them, we decided to show only a fragment of the buildings. In this manner, we built up tension and stimulated the inhabitants’ curiosity without presenting the project as a whole. The leading element of all of our works was the motif of a cubic asymmetrical structure of buildings.

The teaser web page counted down the time until the day of presentation of .KTW and the official disclosure of the shape of office buildings. Before this event, we initiated a street poll during which visualizations of the building were shown to passers-by. Their reactions were filmed, and a video of this footage became part of the teaser.

The presentation of .KTW took place during the 8th European Economic Congress. We prepared invitations the shape of which discreetly revealed the unusual disturbed line of the building.


On the day of the presentation, the teaser was replaced with a website designed by us, where we showed the buildings in their entirety to the inhabitants and potential tenants. The creation of this website was quite a challenge. Making use of the state-of-the-art web techniques, we designed a solution presenting a large quantity of content in a clearly legible and intuitive manner.

We showed not only the functional and timeless character of the building but also Silesia itself and huge opportunities created for investors by this region. Please remember that it is the biggest agglomeration in Poland (2 million inhabitants), and the emergence of foreign companies as tenants of office space guarantees new workplaces to the inhabitants.

The website designed by us refers to the uniqueness of the buildings. As in the case of cubic parts making up the office buildings, which are slightly different from one another, the boxes of which the website is made are not identical. This is a fresh approach to the design of web contents. The binding part is the element of broken line, which refers to the unusual and controversial shape of the buildings. Our solution has received many favorable opinions. The website was selected to the final stage of The Webby Awards.

In search of tenants

Another tool useful in the sale of space to foreign tenants, big corporations, and global brands was a multifunctional prestigious folder prepared by us and printed on handmade paper. Its shape along with registers is inspired by the architecture of .KTW. We wanted to refine every detail.

We also developed a brand communication strategy and conducted a promotional campaign in the media (outdoor advertising, the Polish and foreign press, the Internet).

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