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What we did

Branding – Logo & Corporate idenity
Sales print materials
Website – Concept, UX, UI, Interaction Design, Dev
Mobile app
3D renders

Mimbee is a smart band monitoring physiological parameters in newborn children. It collects information about temperature, heart rhythm, blood oxygen levels, body movement and other data. Another function is the transfer of data to the application and bands of parents, which are activated by vibration in emergency cases.

The brand identification created for this product was aimed at presenting the characteristics of Mimbee as best as possible during the Kickstarter campaign. Vivid intense colors that characterize products and services from the Baby & Parenting sector were used. In the creation of a logotype, the graphic image of the bee present in the name was combined with the signs of a heart and a hand, which symbolize closeness and safety.

At the subsequent stage, renders were made and a mobile application and sales materials were designed.

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