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#OMGKRK is the Polish biggest startup community, based in Krakow. The mission of the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK is to build a world-class innovation ecosystem that helps startups develop in the best direction, at every stage of development.

The main focus is to:
1) Grow and advance the digital economy in the Krakow.
2) Create a connected community with content, tools, and events.
3) Inspire and educate entrepreneurs.

By expanding the diversity of stakeholders and partners, the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK works to deliver value and grow Krakow’s startup community.


The main problem was the lack of clear brand guidelines, specific standards that would preserve the brand’s consistency and ensured recognition among the target group – entrepreneurs, investors, enthusiasts of the startup industry.

The result was chaos in brand communication, both in digital and printed materials and in the visual setting of events organized within the community.

The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK came to us for help in creating coherent, distinctive and really attractive branding of the community, which will reflect its modern and dynamic character.


We began our work with the restoration of the logotype, whose characteristic element is the three-dimensional # sign (hash). It was refreshed by us and set on a grid made of equilateral triangles, which then became the basis for typography. The new logotype design has also become the starting point for further design guidelines and rules for the composition of further branding elements.

The #OMGKRK community is mainly focused on representatives of the IT industry. Thinking about the next parts of branding, we tried to include there something familiar to developers. Both when it comes to futuristic pieces ala Matrix, selection of color palette, as well as typography with monospace code-specific fonts.


The developed dynamic system allows creating layouts of compositions that are based on the structure of slants. This guarantees a variety of various creations while maintaining brand consistency. Each poster, depending on the type of event, also uses different colors from the main palette.


The flow of information among the community guarantees a legible newsletter that allows the recipient to easily find the topics most interesting for them.

Social media

Graphic materials prepared for social media are eye-catching and will not pass through newsfeed unnoticed.

Events support

The #OMGKRK community is focused around events. Their visual settings must reflect the energetic, dynamic and modern character of the startup industry.


A compelling, recognizable and strong brand for a demanding community.

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