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From the very beginning, the company has been trying to be innovative and follow trends to meet the needs of customers in over 80 countries. Prosperplast wants to be close to people, which is why it has its own vehicle fleet, logistics centers in Germany and Czech Republic, and sales offices in Europe. The next natural step was to create a website that was about to meet the expectations of both B2B and B2C customers and to support individual departments in the company.

Inspire, educate, sell

We faced the challenge of designing a modern website, which was to display products in an aesthetic way, strengthen the global brand image, respond to the needs of B2B and B2C customers, and in the future to be transformed into e-commerce. The new website was also supposed to have educational and inspirational value in order to support B2B customers who further sell Prosperplast products to individual customers.

Give your brand character

On the one hand, Prosperplast wanted to position itself as a professional and innovative brand, and on the other – close to people, friendly and helpful. Our task was to design a website that would reflect the dual nature of the brand, be a beautiful setting for the products and make it easier for customers to make a purchase decision.

Common goal

Pierwszym etapem były dwudniowe warsztaty strategiczne i UX dla całej firmy, podczas których poszczególne działy zdefiniowały najważniejsze cele dla nowej strony www oraz wspólnie określiliśmy grupy docelowe. Nowa strona miała spełniać oczekiwania klientów B2B przy jednoczesnym uwzględnieniu potrzeb sektora B2C. Pierwszej grupie miała zapewniać kompleksowe wsparcie sprzedażowe, a dla drugiej być źródłem rzetelnej wiedzy oraz inspiracji.

Small change, big effect

We proposed to refresh the logo to match the new visual concept and be consistent with the idea of ​​minimalism. We decided to remove the signet and colors because we wanted to maintain modern design standards so that the company could effectively promote itself both at home and abroad. A simple and elegant logotype is a discreet accent that does not distract attention from the product, on the contrary – it emphasizes its aesthetic value.

Less means more

We focused on a minimalist design that looks elegant, facilitates navigation on the site and helps in achieving the desired results. To simplify the design from the visual side, we limited the color tone and details to a minimum, which makes it easier to use on mobile devices, but also helps to focus on what is most important. We wanted the website to resemble a gallery – to be an aesthetic and discreet setting for products and original inspirational photos.

A brand that sets trends

Prosperplast’s mission is to create beautiful and useful products, as well as to set standards in terms of the aesthetics for houses and gardens. To emphasize this, we have created dedicated tabs where customers will find a wide range of advice and inspiration. The aesthetic value of the website was increased by original lifestyle photos, thanks to which the customer can imagine the products in his exhibition, shop or home space.

For the environment

Prosperplast takes pro-ecological actions – it uses recycled plastics, offers a wide range of ecological products, and also plans transport to minimize exhaust emissions. To emphasize the concern for the natural environment, we focused on a botanical leitmotif – macro photos of leaves and shades of subdued greenery, which preserve in the users’ subconscious the fact that the company creates environmentally friendly products.

Always in touch

Thanks to the use of geolocation, users from all over the world can quickly contact the appropriate Prosperplast branch. This solution facilitates contact with the company, provides a positive customer experience and enables the efficient finalization of the purchase.

Mobile friendly

We have designed a responsive website that adapts its layout to the type of device and thus provides a positive experience for smartphone users. Properly displaying your website on mobile devices allows you to quickly find information about the product while shopping on-site or reach valuable advice – anywhere, anytime!

The product in the foreground

A modern and clear product card allows you to conveniently browse the rich assortment, and the product filtering function makes it easy to find the desired product quickly and intuitively. We have included extensive product data on the cards to optimize the purchasing process and make it easier for Prosperplast customers to make decisions. The subpages have been designed in accordance with e-commerce trends and SEO principles, therefore our client can start effective online sales at any time, targeting both B2B and B2C.


The new website fully reflects the character of the Prosperplast brand and strengthens its image as a professional and responsible business partner that offers the highest quality assortment, understands customer needs and market requirements, and also conducts well-thought-out pro-ecological activities and is open to future solutions. Dedicated tabs with tips, inspiration and lifestyle content confirm that Prosperplast successfully sets trends in the field of home and garden aesthetics, and aspires to be a global trendsetter.

One website, different goals

We have created a modern website that not only attracts attention with its aesthetic design but above all implements the various goals of Prosperplast – it is real support for the marketing department, sales department, management and human resources. The key goals of individual departments that the website designed by us meets are, above all: generating quality leads, building customer engagement, optimizing sales and communication processes, improving the company’s image and improving recruitment processes.

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