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Royal Canin is one of the biggest global producers of pet food for dogs and cats. The company based in France has offered its products for 50 years. Its Polish branch has operated in Niepołomice near Kraków for one decade. Upon its order, we have carried out the Animal-Friendly Waiting Room – a pioneer project conforming to the strategy of corporate social responsibility.

Our task was to prepare the wolneodstresu.pl website, to create a video for veterinarians and a series of animations, and to prepare and conduct a multichannel promotion campaign.

Less stress

The idea of the creation Animal-Friendly Waiting Room was inspired by research that proves that not only people but also animals experience a feeling of anxiety when visiting a medical facility. However, contrary to people, this anxiety is exacerbated by the hardship of traveling and differences between species of four-legged animals staying in the waiting room. A dog’s encounter with a cat before a visit to a veterinarian may increase the stress level to the limits.

Our customers decided to solve this problem and created the concept of a waiting room where animals could feel comfortable. Getting the message across to animal owners was very important. It was for them that we prepared a series of animations illustrating the most frequent mistakes made during transport and veterinary visits.

Animal-Friendly Waiting Room

Caught in the net

When creating a website, we explained step by step what stress is in animals, what may cause it and how we can mitigate its symptoms. We wanted to create a simple message that would be easy to understand and put into action. The website had almost 200,000 hits.

A video through a cat’s eyes

One of the key issues was to separate waiting places for dogs and cats. In order to make veterinarians aware of this problem, we prepared a video showing a cat’s visit that is presented mainly from the animal’s perspective. The aim of the campaign was to involve the biggest possible number of veterinary rooms and clinics in the project. The results surpassed our expectations. Until now, already over 70 outpatient clinics have been rebuilt according to the idea of Animal-Friendly Waiting Room.

Cat in the car

Cat in the vet

How to take care of your cat at vet's waiting room

Four ways to visit a vet with a cat


The next step was our multi-channel promotional campaign. We have organized a contest for owners of animals, which has received more than 3.3 thousand applications. We have prepared for them the guide “How to fight animal stress”, which has collected almost 900 people. The newsletter was very popular. It was opened almost 64 thousand times.

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