Branding and communication strategy for a multi-brand internet sales network



Scope of work:

visual identification system,
brand communication strategy.


Sferis.pl is a Polish sales and distribution network for consumer electronics products. Recently, expanding their range, they joined the group of leading multibrand platforms in the country. Operating on the market for nearly 22 years and sending up to 100,00 parcels a day, they have become synonymous with reliability and experience in the Polish e-commerce industry.

Sferis.pl turned to us aware of specific communication problems: lack of clarity and coherence in actions taken. We faced the challenge of designing and connecting two brand foundations: a coherent development strategy and a distinctive visual identity system.

New strategy

We have approached the project comprehensively. Preparations for conceptual work were preceded by an analysis of key aspects of the project:

– the way in which the brand has communicated up to now,
– what actions were taken,
– how it positioned on the market.

Knowing the initial situation and that the brand needs to strenghten its position in the e-commerce market, we focused on positive and emotional communication. The new image of reliability and giving unlimited possibilities for clients opens for Sferis.pl another, stronger stage of presence in Poland, where customers and their diverse needs are at the centre.

Brand clarity

The proposed image of Sferis.pl is a brand that evokes positive emotions in every sphere of life, which is why joyful colours and modern graphic form have become a natural choice for us. We have obtained clear visual identification, which stands out from other e-commerce in Poland, thanks to the use of a rich color palette. We focused on green and navy blue combinations matching the global trends, combined with gradient circular backgrounds.

The key to refreshing the Sferis.pl image was the parallel work on a new logo consistent with the value propositions. Knowing that the group of e-commerce recipients is very wide, we decided on a project based on a typographic logo with a characteristic, but unified typeface. The dot present in the logotype turned out to be very important in the new proposal, appearing as a separate element in other materials.

Sphere and sphere space

On the one hand, the figure is flexible, yet simple and intuitive to use. Thinking about openness and willingness to create relationship with the client, we based it on the new Sferis.pl visual system. The dot associated with the brand, which becomes referral to the appearance of the price tag in a traditional store, was the starting point for designing the brand’s distinctive pictograms.

As a result, icons have become not only the mark of the communication, but also part of the transparent interface of the online store.

Readability of brand communication

To emphasize the modern character of the brand, we focused on expressive typography. Two geometric sans-serif typefaces are in use:
– Metropolis in a continuous text,
– Spartan MB for percentages and prices.

Coherent image of Sferis.pl

The communication strategy, which was the starting point, an original graphic theme, unified typography, as well as a modern colour palette together create a systemic and expressive image of Sferis.pl on the Polish e-commerce market.

Such visual communication, rich in coherent elements, makes Sferis.pl stand out from other competing stores. It allows you to spontaneously and easily associate the brand with the desired attributes: positive colours or sphere as well as values: modernity, care and reliability.

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